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2017-04-06 12:07:00 by GDFuhReDun

AW YEAH MR. KRABS ツツツツツツツツツツツツツツツツツツツツツツツツツツツツツツツツツツツツツツツツツツツツツツツツツツツツツツツツツツツツツツツツツツツツツツツツツツツツツツツツツツツツツツツツツツツツツツツツツツツツツツツツツツツツツツツツツツツツツツツツツツツツツツツツツツツツツツツツツツツツツツツツツツツツツツツツツツツツツツツツツツツツツツツツツツツツツツツツツツツツツツツツツツツツツツツツツツツツツツツツツツツツツツツツツツツツツツツツツツツツツツツツツツツツツツツツツツツツツツツツツツツツツツツツツツツツツツツツツツツツツツツツツツツツツツツツツツツツツツツツツツツツツツツツ

Thanks to others and including Mikha, I have decited to continue the songs and possibly make video game loops cuz y not.

Oh Yes

2016-12-20 01:19:03 by GDFuhReDun


People Like My Cancer

2016-11-01 21:39:57 by GDFuhReDun

Thank you all who like my cancerous singing, but I hope you like my cancerous videos as well ;) #GDFuhReDun'sYouTube